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…The Agony Of Defeat.

Posted by Mike G. on April 17, 2008

I lost.

The trip, the money, the fame, was all meaningless. I set out to win and I failed. The field of 16 was quickly narrowed to 8 and I was in the wrong 8.

What pains me is I second guessed myself. My gut said my opponent was throwing rock but my stupid brain said “nooooooo she’s throwing paper you fool. All that dumb gut of yours has done is not get you laid nearly enough. Throw the scissors!”

My scissors, and dreams were obliterated right then and there by that cold, unforgiving rock.

I will reward my gut with pizza and ice cream. I will punish my mind with cheap whiskey and hard pornography. Only then will I get even with them both.

Always trust your gut.


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