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Blasting Off In To Zorbit

Posted by Mike G. on October 18, 2008

For the last two weeks or so I made a break to the lower 48. Kentucky, North Carolina and Tennesse is where I’ve been traveling. Not too exotic I know, but a nice break from the coldest summer Alaska has seen in sometime. The weather has been great and traveling the Blue Ridge Parkway with autumn colors and hanging out in Asheville, NC has definitely been among the highlights.

Continuing to the end of the Parkway leads you to the Great Smokies, which are called mountains but well…anyways they’re beautiful in their own way. As you come out the other side of the park you end up in Gatlinburg, TN and then a few miles down Pigeon Forge. These two towns could best be described as a southern fried Disneyland (Dollywood resides here) or Vegas without gambling, hookers, or booze (shudder).

While it is a commercial vortex of canned, family friendly entertainment it did afford me the chance to do something I’ve wanted since I saw Jackie Chan do it in Operation Condor. No, not constantly popping pills, I went Zorbing and from what I was told, Pigeon Forge, TN is the only Zorb outfit in the U.S.. It was expensive but fun and now I want to franchise one of these and bring it to Alaska and make my fortune.


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